Our Team is fully compliant with Covid-19 OSHA ETS standards and guidelines!

Our Award Winning team, is based in  Australia & the United States of America. With specialty space domain expertise, and industry experience our team can help your organization realize your space vision.  Whether you are an educational institution, research organisation, government department or a commercial company, sometimes you need an expert by your side to save you time and headaches. 

 Hayes Group LLC  is 100% minority and women owned. 

Kim Ellis Hayes is the CEO of the Hayes Group LLC (USA) and leads our award winning team. Craig Hayes, Executive Director for the Hayes Group brings a proven track record of effective management and a commitment to achieving excellence in complex projects with diverse teams in manufacturing, transportation and retail settings.  

Visit https://kimellis.mykajabi.com to read more about Kim's work in Space Education, workforce development and spaceflight training. 



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