Aerospace & Defence Consulting Services

International Earth & Space Technology is an established, award winning Australian specialist Aerospace & Defence Professional Services Consultancy business with expertise in International Market Intelligence. (Specialist United States of America)

Victorian Global Gateway Recovery Services

The Global Gateway program will support established Victorian exporters to help stabilise business and adapt current export strategies in response to the challenges created by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  Eligible Victorian businesses can apply for a one-off grant of up to $50,000 to identify and engage professional service providers to deliver project activities to support their export recovery. International Earth & Space Technology is an approved Professional Services provider for the Aerospace & Defence for this program, reach out to us today, to find out more about accessing this grant.

Market Intelligence & Access

With a decade of experience in Aerospace & Defence markets, our team can assist your business with important strategic projects to stabilise and maintain an existing export base or adapt your business model for recovery.  Examples of projects eligible for funding include;

*Market research to understand industry trends and gain customer insights. 

*Company profiling and industry alignment opportunities & Facilitation of market-entry or expansion activities.


Strategic Aerospace Stakeholder Engagement

Our team has created comprehensive online resources to support businesses with specialised Aerospace stakeholder engagement across multiple International Markets. The Global Space Economy is comprised of core activities such as space manufacturing, satellite operations and other consumer activities derived from governmental research & development. The supply chain for each of these activities is increasingly complex as the number of countries and organisations involved in space have exponentially increased.  This means your business needs up to date supply chain intelligence and access.  

Learn how to access the Covid Export Recovery Grant of $50,000 AUD in Government Funding.

Email us to find out how you can obtain Financial assistance to stabilise and maintain your existing export base and/or adapt your business model for recovery in the next 3 months.


Our Team

Find out more about our Award Winning Australian team.

Kim Ellis Hayes leads the Earth Space Tech team.  Visit for more information.  With expertise in International regulatory and compliance issues and operational Space Research Kim's high level engagement accross Aerospace & Defence Strategic Professional organisations has established an extensive and deep Aerospace & Defence Network worldwide. Her team has continued to deliver high-level technology consultancy services to Government & Private organisations globally. 



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