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Kim Ellis is an Australian metals & mining scientist and international lawyer with an open, personal approach to science and law grounded in her genuine passion for simplifying complex technical and legal concepts so they are accessible to everyone. 

Invited to speak on television and radio and covered in print and on the web, she is recognized for providing an informative, engaging, and accessible perspective on a wide variety of the latest technical topics."

Kim believes that public education is the key to a prosperous and abundant future for all inhabitants of our planet. By working with educational institutions across the globe, she strives to educate and inspire young and old alike.

Founder and Director of International Earth & Space Technology and a faculty member of the International Space University, Kim is developing education for the next generation. An award-winning scientist and lawyer, as well as a skilled communicator, Kim shares her remarkable journey -- from redundancy in regional Australia to becoming a sought-after speaker at global space conferences across multiple continents and invited by institutions to create space, science, and legal  educational programming -- worldwide. 

Ms. Ellis earned her Bachelor's and graduate degrees in Australia, and was selected complete the International Space University's Space Studies program on a scholarship.  Awarded an Australian Government Endeavour Awards Fellowship for an international project in Cape Canaveral, Florida,  Kim completed her legal practical training in Newcastle, Australia and has been admitted to the New South Wales Supreme Court.  As a scientist, Kim worked with two Australian mining giants, BHP-Billiton and RioTinto, as a research scientist  prior to becoming a lawyer. As a legal academic, Kim is an elected member of the International Institute of Space Law, Law Society of NSW and the American Bar Association Forum of Air and Space Law and provides academic commentary at an international level.


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